I keep dropping my Resume to different Companies — But never got a Call.

So here’s the story start — and its the story of every young talented and enthusiastic person who is dedicated to secure a nice position in a Company or a Industry. But the problem is that, the person keeps scrolling for jobs on LinkedIn (and other platforms such as Indeed) but he or she never gets a response or email from the company.

Now let me explain why this happens to such people around the globe — and to be honest this happened to me also when I was investing my day-night scrolling down the whole page just to find and apply for my most-favorite role.

One thing that seriously hit my mind after a long hardship suffering is being ‘Perfectionist’ — seriously that’s the most biggest problem of so many people around the globe and unfortunately they are unaware about this. So what happens next is they lost focus on their present life and ignore other opportunities which are already knocking at their door.

Just want to say this to all those people who are struggling with this — please don’t treat yourself like a servant for the company, you are a person of knowledge and you own some great technical skills no matter how strong they are and how much command you have gotten so far. Think about the hard work and time you invested in learning them. Think about the project you have made for yourself and for your happiness — no matter how perfect and cutting edge the project looks and feels. Just stop doing the same shit everyday and focus on your present life. Focus on what benefits you can avail from current situation and what you can make the best from it.

Start looking for other opportunities in different networks and communities — no-one knows where the God has written his source of income.

Focus on what you have gotten now — and what you can get from it



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Shehroz Ali

Shehroz Ali


Software Engineer @Mint Technologies // I talk about — Engineering management, Continuous Delivery, Product Development, XP and tooling